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Challenge injustice

The Oxfam America Action Fund works to change the laws and policies that keep people trapped in poverty. Together, we can ensure that the world's poorest people have a voice in Washington, DC.

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Current campaigns

  1. Take action to stand with refugees

    President Trump just signed an Executive Order that eviscerates our refugee resettlement program, leaving thousands of vulnerable people in limbo, blatantly discriminating against Muslims, and slamming the door on Syrian refugees entirely. It is un-American to turn away those seeking safety and to discriminate against groups of people because of nationality and religion. And we won’t allow it to happen on our watch.

  2. Fight back against climate change

    Sign your name to show that Americans care about fighting climate change at home and around the world.

  3. Extreme inequality and poverty

    Everyone should be able to earn enough to provide for their family, save for the future, and have a fair chance to get ahead. But many hardworking people struggle just to make ends meet, and don’t have opportunities to succeed.

  4. Making aid work

    We can't afford to let Congress cut lifesaving foreign assistance - it's working. But sixty years of foreign aid also show that international donors alone cannot fix the problems of developing countries.

  5. Natural resource justice

    Many poor countries face a resource curse: They should be rich, but because they rely heavily on resources like oil and gold, they suffer from poverty, corruption, social unrest, and human rights violations.

  6. Food, farming, and hunger

    Fighting hunger means, first and foremost, making sure that people can access the food they need. But Oxfam’s GROW campaign also aims to address the root causes of hunger by bringing people together to challenge injustice.

  7. Why we campaign

    Together we can change the laws and practices that keep people trapped in poverty. Help raise awareness and inspire action on some of the world's most urgent issues.

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Politics of Poverty blog

PepsiCo is moving from policy to practice

New time-bound action plans for implementation of its sustainability commitments are allowing a next stage of engagement with Oxfam.

Politics of Poverty blog

Making the tax bill pay social dividends: A call to investors

In the wake of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, US multinational corporations are due to receive a giant cash windfall. Investors should call on these companies to use this money with an eye toward long-term, inclusive, and sustainable value creation.

Politics of Poverty blog

New proposal could deliver “devastating” blow to tipped workers

Being a tipped worker poses a number of challenges, and even some dangers. But one slight upside is that if you know how to play the game and hustle, you can take home pay above the minimum /poverty wage of $7.25 an hour. However, if the restaurant industry has its way, even that meager advantage would be gone.