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Challenge injustice

The Oxfam America Action Fund works to change the laws and policies that keep people trapped in poverty. Together, we can ensure that the world's poorest people have a voice in Washington, DC.

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Current campaigns

  1. Extreme inequality and poverty

    Everyone should be able to earn enough to provide for their family, save for the future, and have a fair chance to get ahead. But many hardworking people struggle just to make ends meet, and don’t have opportunities to succeed.

  2. Making aid work

    We can't afford to let Congress cut lifesaving foreign assistance - it's working. But sixty years of foreign aid also show that international donors alone cannot fix the problems of developing countries.

  3. Natural resource justice

    Many poor countries face a resource curse: They should be rich, but because they rely heavily on resources like oil and gold, they suffer from poverty, corruption, social unrest, and human rights violations.

  4. Food, farming, and hunger

    Fighting hunger means, first and foremost, making sure that people can access the food they need. But Oxfam’s GROW campaign also aims to address the root causes of hunger by bringing people together to challenge injustice.

  5. Why we campaign

    Together we can change the laws and practices that keep people trapped in poverty. Help raise awareness and inspire action on some of the world's most urgent issues.

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Politics of Poverty blog

Hillary should play the woman card

Here is a killer fact: One out of every two people is female and not just in developing countries, but here in the US as well. Not earth-shattering enough—well, consider that those same one out of every two people is also being denied their rights across a whole range of issues: from the right to bodily integrity, to economic opportunity, to property and labor rights.

Politics of Poverty blog

Rethinking humanitarian aid: local leaders speak their minds

From violence and hunger to earthquakes and epidemics, three panelists at the recent InterAction Forum haven’t just seen it all—they’ve been on the front lines of handling some of the worst disasters in recent history.

Politics of Poverty blog

Not your average Earth Day

Today countries from around the world are taking an important step on climate change - the first step of many, if we're going to address the unfinished business from Paris.

Politics of Poverty blog

Disaster preparedness requires leadership at all levels

This blog post is the final post in a series about how people in El Salvador are working to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. Previously: (1) While the sun shines: How Salvadorans are leading their own efforts to prepare for the worst; (2) How Salvadoran towns are leading on disaster management ; (3) Hurricanes don’t stop […]